Reflecting on Resolutions

“I don’t know what to think until I write about it” – Joan Didion It’s a New Year and so a new me… or apparently that’s how we are supposed to see the stroke of midnight on the 1st of January when all the people in the same time zone as you (who haven’t dozed […]

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Folklore and Quasi-Historical Facts

“…throwing open their windows for the cool breeze the storm had left as an apology.”    – Louise Penny, The Murder Stone Sometimes the sentences I rediscover in my quote book are not particularly profound, or insightful, or perspective-changing. Sometimes they are merely sentence fragments, sometimes only a few little words. But every piece of […]

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Impressions of Time

“But Three Pines itself was a village forgotten. Time eddied and swirled around and sometimes bumped into it, but never strayed long and never left much of an impression.” – Louise Penny, The Cruellest Month One of the most incredible things about travelling, in my humble opinion, is arriving in a place that seems completed unhurried […]

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The Haze of Fatigue

“The haze of fatigue seemed to act as a magnifying glass, exaggerating tiny details and sensations.” -Diana Gabaldon, Dragonfly in Amber The ebbs and flows of any vacation are a fascinating concept. You spend weeks struggling to sleep for all the excitement you feel about your upcoming trip and yet, about halfway through, there seems to […]

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A Light in the Shadows

“The light was a comfort; pitiful as was the sight it revealed, at least it banished the lurking shadows that threatened at any moment to turn into new danger.” – Diana Gabaldon, Dragonfly in Amber When I sit down to write my (albeit infrequent) blog posts, I always start by going through my book of Beautiful […]

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Footpath to a Burial Ground

“It was drizzling slightly, and all the joyous spring flowers were lying down, like young soldiers slaughtered on a battlefield.” – Louise Penny, The Cruelest Month I have always been fascinated by graveyards. Perhaps I have mentioned this before? A firm believer in the innate goodness of humanity, I have nonetheless often found myself both […]

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Eternity and Time

“I have stood at the brink of the falls, that thin line that separates eternity from time” – Cathy Marie Buchanan, The Day the Falls Stood Still As you may know, the quote above describes the feeling of awe and humility that washes over you when standing on the brink of Niagara Falls, with the sheer […]

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